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COOKIFY simplify your cooking.

Now anyone can do the cooking. Because Cookify has simplified it. Super simple, Super easy cooking. Be with Cookify, be a smart chef.

Cookify is a unique concept from a team of entrepreneurs with the advice of Kerala State Agriculture Department. It brings you fresh vegetables and fruits at your doorstep which are cultivated in the traditional and organic farming method.

Fresh vegetables are a dream now. It is a fact that nowadays vegetables are nurtured using chemicals that are harmful to the human body. But we are helpless and forced to use these vegetables in our day to day life.

Cookify collects fresh vegetables directly from the farm according to the customers’ need and distributes within the shortest time span so that the customers get the farm freshness. Cookify has teamed up directly with farmers around Kerala who are practicing organic farming. A dedicated team is ready to get fresh vegetables whenever an order is placed.

Why Choose Us


Direct from the farm is the mode of Cookify. Customers get the farm fresh vegetables whenever they wish. So we always have a high demand for our fruits and vegetables.


We never compromise the quality. Only premium quality fruits and vegetables are packed according to our customers’ order. We deliver within a short time once the fruits and vegetables are collected from the farm


Cookify collects vegetables from the farms which are nurtured organically. We are always concerned about our customers’ health. We never entertain chemical fertilisers or pesticides on our farms and make sure it is perfectly organic.


We cultivate our fruits and vegetables naturally without using any chemical. Only 100% natural fruits and vegetables are collected and supplied to our customers.

Who We Are

COOKIFY - The subsidiary and brain child of GB Mainframe LLP, a firm by a group of young professionals involved with diverse activities ranging from IT, e-commerce to exports. The importance of including healthy organic food items in day to day life and the non-availability in the markets were the two concerns observed by the team which gave birth to Cookify to address these.

What We Do

It is learned that different types of vegetables are farming in different locations across the states according to the properties of soil and climate. Through Cookify we intend to procure these fresh safe to eat vegetables directly from the farmers spread over many places across the states and deliver as per the requirements of the customers keeping the vegetables as fresh as from the source.

How we do

Collaborating with state govt agencies Cookify had teamed up directly with farmers spread across many places based on the availability of each vegetables. In agreement with these farmers for regular supply of their products to our warehouse straight from collecting from the farm after which dedicated team of cookify would ensure the delivery of these items with same freshness and quality.

What we offer

Our products are sourced from authorized farmers. Licenced for pesticide free farming under the direct supervision of Agriculture Department Kerala Government. Products are certified for absence of pesticide through regular sampling and testing for pesticide Residue Analysis in Kerala Agriculture University Laboratory.

Natural and eco friendly arrangement for storage of vegetables under the guidance of Agriculture Department, Kerala Government.


Did you ever thought someone had saved some time from the cumbersome job of organizing vegetables, peeling, cleaning and cutting of vegetables for you while making dishes.

And here we are - COOKIFY - “LIVE FRESH & HEALTHY” bringing you an innovative solution to save your time in kitchen. Cookify's cut vegetables packets for different dishes comes to you from our state of the art warehouse with vegetables cut to the sizes, thoroughly cleaned in modern automated machines.

All the processes like storage, handling and cleaning of vegetables are carried out in consultation with Agricultural Departments and professional experts.

Express Delivery.

Once you place the order in ‘Express Delivery’, the product will reach you within the shortest period.

Replacement guarantee.

If the products we delivered are not satisfactory, then you are always free to make a call or message us within 2 hours and the product will be replaced.

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